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Letsencrypt Positive SSL

Degree of trust:
  • Domain Validation (DV)
  • Issuance in 5 minutes
  • Protect one domain (
  • Free Reissuance
  • Encryption: SHA2
  • Free shipping via email
  • 1 year – $5,86 / year
  • 2 years – $4,88 / year *
  • 3 years – $4,22 / year *
  • 4 years – $4,14 / year *
  • 5 years – $3,90 / year *

Letsencrypt Positive SSL Wildcard

Degree of trust:
  • Domain Validation (DV)
  • Issuance in 5 minutes
  • Protect all subdomains and main domain (,,, etc.)
  • Free Reissuance
  • Encryption: SHA2
  • Free shipping via email
  • 1 year – $45,89 / year
  • 2 years – $40,52 / year *
  • 3 years – $40,41 / year *
  • 4 years – $39,60 / year *
  • 5 years – $38,51 / year *

SSL Certificates from FastSSL at a Cheap Price

As the Internet keeps growing at a rapid pace, more and more emphasis is being placed on the growing questions surrounding web security. What it boils down to is: are online transactions truly safe & secure? The short answer is YES! Websites with a properly installed & trusted SSL certificate are extremely secure and should be trusted with regard to online transmissions of any type of sensitive data. The technology behind SSL encryption is stronger than ever and if you are a business owner and you have a website that collects any type of sensitive information from users, SSL certificates are the one and only way to ensure your customers are safe and secure when making a transactions online.

How Does an SSL Certificate Signify a Secure Web Experience?

SSL is an acronym for “Secure Socket Layer” and an SSL certificate includes algorithms for encryption and decryption of data behind the scenes to protect and secure transmissions over the Internet. From a user’s perspective, a website session with an installed SSL certificate will protect any data on that page while it is transferred between the web browser and web server(s). While transferring this confidential information during the secured session, the SSL encrypts the data prior to transmission and then sends the encrypted message through the web to prevent online hackers from being able to intercept and read the information. The receiving web server has the only key to decrypt the message. When it is all said and done, SSL-enabled websites create trust and increase confidence in web users while executing secure online data transmissions, such as online payments.

All SSL certificates include 256-bit encryption levels, 99.99% web browser compatibility, and a trust seal issued by a recognized Certificate Authority (CA). These key features of SSL security all add up to create a more trusted experience within a secure environment for online users.

Types of SSL Certificates

The web security industry has a broad range of SSL solutions to choose from that can get tricky at times. The most trusted SSL solutions are all from major Certificate Authorities and ultimately need to be chosen by the website owner based on their specific business needs. Here is a quick rundown of SSL types you should be aware of:

Domain Validated

Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificates are basic options that really only include encryption and standard trust indicators. A DV certificate is the quickest and easiest SSL solution for a small business to enable a website with SSL security, however, it lacks many features that are designed to help a business succeed on the web. Since it only requires the domain to be validated, this is a cheap SSL certificate solution to quickly secure a site.

Organization Validated

Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificates are the next level security solution for a medium-size e-commerce business. An OV SSL certificate requires basic company validation, where website users can actually see the company’s name on the certificate when clicking on it within the browser.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation SSL or better known as EV SSL, is the strongest and the most advanced level of a digital security certificate that you can get. An Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate requires a complete and thorough validation of the company and domain before it is issued, but once issued, it activates all of the SSL trust indicators within the browsers to showcase trust on your website.

The extended validation issuance process is a more thorough process, but it has a lot more benefits and rewards to reap in the end. This process includes verifying company information and other documents before issuance, but the payoff is that it activates the globally trusted & recognized Green Address Bar feature within the browser, the padlock and your company name and location displaying directly on the cert itself to show the world you are a legitimate company. Once you have an EV certificate, you now boast a high-assurance certificate that has proven to instill more trust in users and increase conversions. Buying an EV certificate is not a cost – rather an investment in the trust, security, and viability of your business.

Wildcard SSL

Wildcard SSL certificates are the convenient solution for securing an unlimited number of subdomains, such as, A Wildcard SSL Certificate saves you time and money because it can protect multiple subdomain names on single server and single IP address with one certificate. Our Wildcard SSLs are available as both Domain and Organization validated certificates.


Multi-Domain certificates are also called SAN certificates and they are another convenient and cost-effective solution when a website-owner has multiple domains that need to be protected. If you purchase a low priced multi-domain SSL certificate, you can secure many different fully qualified domain names with one single certificate, like:,,,, etc.

Why Should I Choose a Low Cost SSL Certificate from Fast SSL?

For the past  years at Fast SSL, customers have purchased the most trusted SSL certificates from the World’s most recognized Certificate Authorities such as DigiCert, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL at extremely low rates. As a worldwide SSL leader, we provide cheap SSL certificates to a wide range of small to large enterprise online businesses throughout the globe.

At Fast SSL, big-time savings are available to all kinds of website owners and webmasters for various online security solutions all in one place. We aim to create a safe & secure experience for all things SSL and websites in general. If you’re committed to securing users’ data while increasing trust with a cost-effective SSL, then Fast SSL will have an affordable SSL certificate solution for you.

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