EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate Extended validation


  •  Great for E-commerce, corporate, NGO, or governmental websites
  •  Extended Validation
  •  Multi-Domain
  • Unlimited Server Licences
  •  Encryption (up to 256-bit)

Please note that since EV SSL provides full business validation, your certificate may take up to 10 business days to be issued.

EV Multi-Domain SSLs allow site administrators to secure up to 100 domains or subdomains with a single certificate. EV SSL certs display your verified company name in the certificate details, assuring your visitors that their private information is transmitted on a highly secure website. On top of state-of-the-art encryption, Comodo’s TrustLogo Site Seal and the $1 million warranty help with users’ peace of mind.

  • Multi-Year Plan (With coverage ranging from 1-5 years)

    SSL Installation Assistance


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